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air fryer pricesAn air fryer is really a kitchen appliance that cooks by distributing hot air around the food.[1] A physical fan circulates the hot atmosphere around the food at highspeed, preparing the food and making a crispy coating via the Maillard influence. By moving oxygen around 200 Celsius or 392 degrees fahrenheit this machine fries foods like poultry chips, fish or pastries using gas that is less than the usual traditional deep fryer.

Many atmosphere fryers include adjustable temperature and timer switches that permit cooking that is more accurate. Food is cooked in the cooking container that sits atop a drip tray.

Different models of atmosphere fryers assert to save around 80 fat compared to traditional fryers. Many models of oxygen fryers need that the basket be occasionally shaken to ensure actually cooking throughout, some styles add a food agitator that constantly churns the meals through the [2]

An oxygen fryer is really a kitchen appliance that cooks by moving hot-air around the food.[1] A technical fan circulates the recent atmosphere around the food at highspeed, preparing the foodstuff and creating a crispy level via the Maillard result. By circulating oxygen 392 degrees or up to 200 Celsius fahrenheit this appliance fries ingredients like poultry chips, bass or pastries employing fat that is less than the usual traditional deep-fryer.

Many oxygen fryers include flexible heat and timer buttons that permit more accurate cooking. Food is baked while in the cooking holder that rests atop a spill tray.

Different models of oxygen fryers state to conserve as much as 80% cooking fat in comparison to classic fryers. Some styles incorporate a agitator that continuously churns the foodstuff, while most types of air fryers demand that the holder be occasionally shaken to ensure even preparing throughout


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If the term air fryer sounds like a lot of hot air, your speculations are exactly right! An air fryer is simply a revolutionized kitchen appliance for cooking food through the circulation of superheated air. It is a new invention from Philips that offers healthy, tasty foods with less oil. There are other companies as well that offer air fryers.

Air fryers use Rapid Air Technology to cook any type of food that you would otherwise dunk in deep fat. This new technology works by circulating air to high degrees, up to 200C, to fry foods such as fish, chips, pastries, chicken, and more. This Rapid Air Technology is bringing in a new era of cooking appliances and a new generation of cooking methods altogether. Air fryers render foods perfectly browned and crisp with less fat up to 80 percent less, as compared to traditional cooking methods.

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